Professor of Medicine Emeritus

University of Michigan School of Medicine, MI, USA


Dr. Bertram Pitt is currently Professor of Medicine Emeritus in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Michigan School of Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. He received his cardiology training at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine from 1963-1966 and subsequently remained on the faculty until 1977 when he joined the University of Michigan School of Medicine as Director of the Division of Cardiology.

He has been a principal or co-principal investigator of a number of large scale randomized trials in patients with cardiovascular disease including: RALES, EPHESUS, EMPHASIS-HF, TOPCAT, FIGARO-DKD, BLOCK-CKD and the ongoing NHLBI/Swedish heart foundation SPIRRIT trial, which have evaluated the role of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (MRAs) in patients with either heart failure (HF), diabetes mellitus (DM), and/or chronic kidney disease (CKD). He has been the principal investigator of the NHLBI SOLVD trials, co-principal investigator of the DIG-captopril trial and the ELITE trials evaluating the role of ACE-is and ARBS in patients with HF. He has also been the co-principal investigator of the SOLOIST trial evaluating the role of the SGLT1/2 inhibitor sotagliflozin in patients with DM and worsening heart failure. He is chairman of the steering committee of the ongoing NHLBI TRANSFORM trial comparing the effectiveness of furosemide to torsemide in patients with HF prior to hospital discharge. He is also Chairman of the scientific advisory board of Phasebio which is developing a new aldosterone synthase inhibitor.

He holds US patent 9931412 for the site specific delivery of eplerenone to the myocardium and US provisional patent 63/045,783: Histone-modulating agents for the protection and treatment of organ injury. He has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Heart Failure Society of America and the European Heart Failure Society as well as the James B. Herrick Award from the American Heart Association.


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