About the event

First Human and Veterinary Crossover Symposium on Aldosterone

The contribution of aldosterone to heart failure was the focus of a recent symposium, hosted by Ceva Santé Animale. The principle of this symposium was to promote expertise exchanges between human and veterinary medicine. The programme included eminent cardiology researchers from around the world, both from the human and veterinary fields.

You will find in this report a summary of the presentations and the discussions that took place, mixing state of the art science with the most recent clinical developments in man and animals.

We hope that you will both enjoy and benefit from the research compiled herein.

Sylvie Bourrelier and Emilie Guillot
Corporate Marketing – Veterinary Technical Support
Ceva Santé Animale

Feedback on event

100% of attendees thought this concept of Crossover Symposium interesting / very interesting (69%).

87% expressed an overall satisfied / very satisfied impression about the scientific session.

97% had a satisfied / very satisfied overall impression of the Symposium.

Regarding the global organisation 95% of the participants were satisfied / very satisfied and 97% enjoyed the social program.